Sunday, October 29, 2006

Reflections on Aurelian

Here is a post from Bob Brummell at StockHouse contemplating Aurelian:

I just spent the evening reading through ARU's property
notes and Dr. Sillitoes report. A few thoughts come to mind after studying it.

1. The Aurelian people have done a tremendous job reporting their exploration activities on various prospects. It's incredibly well written and has a genuine flavour to it. There is no puffery. It's straightforward. No hype and no bullchit. A joy to read.

2. I hope shareholders have patience. It's obvious a tremendous amount of high potential, high value exploration remains to be done. Aurelian needs time. Realistically, it could take several years. It's not something that should be rushed. Fact is that impatience and rushing could result in tremendous lost rewards.

3. There's no need to worry about dilution or burn rate. If management elects to explore further, they could easily raise another $25 - $30 million by issuing just 1 million shares. So why rush with potential so high.

4. My hat's off to Aurelian's geological team. They've done excellent grass roots work. Although not stated, I'd guess conditions at times were rugged.

On another note, I have a hunch the new boys on the block must be an irritation. Perhaps ARU is challenging some of the nonsense. Perhaps that's why GML issued a retraction and clarification about how close their border is to FDN. It's much more than the 300 metres they were claiming.

Lastly, El Condor may produce more than a mine. It's quite possible we are looking at a new mining camp hosting several mines. They likely won't match FDN's stature but who knows at this point. They could be very substantial.


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