Monday, February 12, 2007


Well, we're not quite there yet, but I believe we are on our way. Some items worth mentioning...

  • sxr Uranium One (SXR.TO) announced today that it is making an all-stock offer for UrAsia (UUU.V). UrAsia has properties in Kazakhstan, the combined entity will be called Uranium One, Inc.
  • The folks at are having a hard time keeping up with demand for their book coming from They recently made six separate shipments to Amazon within a month's time and each shipment was sold out before it even arrived at Amazon. The book sales have become a new metric for measuring this bull market and provide fascinating insights into the demographics of the participants in this market.
  • There are a number of blogs that have sprouted up that are dedicated to the uranium market. It's probably worthy of a dedicated post on the subject, but one of the ones that I came across this weekend is worth a look.

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