Sunday, November 04, 2007

Miner Contemplation

Wayne Campbell writes on Silicon Investor:

"There was a blow off top from late 99 to March/April 2000 in the Nasdaq. Pigs were flying. Money could be made and kept by buying tiny momentum plays and then selling a bit into each absurd upday through Feb Mar and April.

Sikaman Gold turned Internet stock....300 million shares out had a 3D shopping "portal" where you could move your curser around a little boxes that represented stores. Click on the box and you went to the stores website. That was it. Stock went to a buck and stayed there for weeks. Advertised on the Superbowl that year (Those wierd blimp or scoreboard overlays). I had stock worth half a cent earlier and bailed at 7 cents in 1999, just ecstatic to get out with anything.

We could be ready for a mirror in the mining sector. Big, but risky money (buy high sell much crap, sell insanely overpriced crap) may be able to be made again right here.

Nov and Dec are the set up months buy anything that sniffs of momentum.....sell into rallys starting Feb all out by April fools day.

Mine the SI threads for potential momo plays. Watch for junior miners at the superbowl and the Air Canada Centre being renamed the Aurelian Canada Centre. Place your asks by thinking the stock will never hit that price, then double the price."

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